The Australian Shepherd Club Of America   (ASCA)
Aussie Pedigrees - The place to find and put pedigree information and titles.

The Australian Shepherd Rescue Page
NorCal Aussie Rescue - The Aussie Rescue Association in the Northern California area

Health & Technical Information

Aussiegenes -  Australian Shepherd Health and Genetics Institute

Some Favorites, not just Aussie

The Bay Team for Dog Agility - Bay area dog agility association.  Holds local events.
Clean Run Productions - Great to find agility events.  Best agility publication.
Western Agility Group (WAG) holds Agility Trials

Some Other Aussie Clubs with Events in CA

Delta Australian Shepherd Club- Holds obedience, rally, conformation events in the Central Valley
Manzanita Agility Club - Holds ASCA Agility trials from Turlock to LA.